Priyanka Banerjee

Welcome to my little space on the internet!

What I want to do

When I was in school, I made a list of “101 things to do before dying”, but abandoned it midway when I realised that filling up 101 slots for the sake of it doesn’t make any sense! So here’s my new list; it doesn’t have 101 items, but the things on the list are very significant for me…which is all that matters.

  • Become a guest lecturer in colleges/universities
  • Write a book that paves the way for conducting workshop, hosting talks and traveling
  • Become a mentor for at least 2 mentees (this is on a long term basis; I’d love to help out many more people)
  • Meet JK Rowling and tell her that her work has changed my life
  • Send my mom to art schools in Europe since she adores painting and drawing
  • Build my website and make it a place that’s useful to my audience